Static and rotary power conversion equipment.

We are a leading UK manufacturer of static and rotary power conversion equipment. Our range and capabilities are vast and our products can be found installed worldwide and include :-

  • Motor Generators

  • 2 kVA to 1000 kVA

  • Transformers

  • 1 kVA to 50 kVA

  • Motor Generator Hire

  • Motor Generator Training Sets

  • Monitoring Software

Based on solid, reliable technology

Much of what we build is based on solid, reliable nineteenth century technology that has a history of long term reliability. Twenty-first century materials and design methods ensure that performance is never compromised. Our motor-generators utilise the latest high efficiency motors to ensure that your emissions are as low as possible.

Applications include:

Power Supply Frequency and Voltage Conversion

Run or test American 60 Hz equipment from a UK 50 Hz supply or vice-versa

Shoreline supply to ships in a port at appropriate frequency and voltage

Equipment Testing

Production testing of equipment for export to other frequency zones

Testing of equipment to be used with diesel generators over an extended frequency range (e.g. 47 - 53 Hz)

Phase conversion

Conversion of single phase supply to 3 phase in remote areas

Increased capacity single phase supply where a 3 phase supply is available

Clean Power

Clean power is becoming a big issue today with all the noise on the mains produced by Switch Mode Power Supply Units. The advantage of a motor generator is that all that noise is electrically isolated from the alternator that is providing the clean output